Voluntary Contribution Policy


Napa Long Term Care Ombudsman Program receives a small grant from the Federal Government through the Older Americans Act provided by the Area Agency on Aging to provide free services to seniors. This letter provides the recipients of NLTCOP services the opportunity to voluntarily contribute to the cost of the services if they wish. Our volunteer ombudsmen do not receive any compensation and volunteer their time and skills at their discretion.


  • There is no obligation to contribute and any contribution is purely voluntary.
  • Services will continue to be made available to you whether you make a contribution.
  • Your privacy and confidentiality will be protected with respect to our choice to contribute or not to contribute.
  • Procedures are in place to safeguard and account for any contributions made.
  • All collected contributions are used to support the service program for which you are contributing.


Thank you for your consideration. The staff and volunteers of the Napa Long Term Care Ombudsman Program look forward to continuing to providing high quality services and resources to seniors, facilities, and their staff in our community.


For voluntary contributions, please address them to the Napa Long Term Care Ombudsman Program’s Fiscal Agent:

Checks Made Out To: Molly’s Angels (Napa Ombudsman must be noted in the Memo)
Sent To: 433 Soscol Ave., Suite B-151 Napa, CA 94559